CE Continuing Education

Turn your artistic goals into plans!

Join us in the Continuing Education department to attend art school at a fraction of the cost and without the expectations of a traditional degree. You know what you want to explore. Through continuing education you can develop the skills that are important to you at pace that suits your life.  

adults drawing the figure from an easel

We offer workshops and courses for every skill level every term in in art, craft, and design.

The department offers courses year-round on a seasonal quarter schedule. Courses and workshops typically meet once per week on a weekday evening. We also offer a limited number of courses and workshops on weekday mornings and on weekends. 

Courses and workshops in fall quarter are scheduled between the end of September through Thanksgiving, in winter quarter between the end of January and spring break in late March, and in spring quarter between mid-April through mid-June. Different from our other seasons, summer quarter offers primarily weekend workshops, weeklong intensives as well as for-credit courses and institutes offered jointly with PNCA’s academic departments.

All Continuing Education activities are available on an open enrollment basis, save for the certificate program and selected institutes and intensives that have application requirements. For all regular courses and workshops, participants simply self-assess that they meet specific course prerequisites, should there be any, for the course of their choice.

If you want to progressively learn a subject, nearly all of the courses we offer are scheduled to occur every term. 


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QUESTIONS? Send an email to ce@pnca.edu. A response will be sent within one business day!