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Drawing & Painting Atelier


PNCA's Atelier classes are modeled after the contemporary classical approach to teaching and learning technical skills. Unlike other drawing and painting classes, Atelier courses teach the same kind of foundational skills Renaissance masters were trained in then move towards modern studio art practices.  Courses work in sequence to establish a learner's technical skills in rendering living models, masterworks, and the program’s collection of antique casts. Progress is guided by a combination of lectures, demonstrations, skill building, and instructor feedback. Completion of Atelier l is required for entrance to the Atelier ll. All are welcome to join Atelier I.

This program gives you the chance to commit to your growth alongside other students who are equally passionate and focused. Whether you are a complete beginner or returning to the studio, you can thrive in your practice here. We want to support you as you turn your goals into plans!


Program Instructors

Our program instructors are successful artists and seasoned educators whose work is represented in private and public collections. They have an active studio practice and exhibit regularly in regional and national shows.

  • Eduardo Fernandez, Atelier Associate
  • Lynn Kitagawa, Atelier Associate
  • Paul Missal, Professor Emeritus
  • Laura Nothern, Atelier Associate
  • Arvie Smith, Professor Emeritus
  • Jerry Sumpter, Atelier Lead-instructor


Certificate Option

The program offers a 15-unit certificate in fine art that primarily serves adult learners who already hold a 4-year degree or higher and want to pursue a complete path of study on a part-time schedule with broad calendar flexibility and without upfront financial and time commitments.

One certificate unit is defined as 45 hours of contact time for the student. Contact time is comprised of scheduled class sessions and outside-of-class assignments and projects in fulfillment of course requirements.  The majority of our 8-week courses offer one certificate unit upon successful class completion. The certificate candidate receives a formal evaluation and grade for each course, which is recorded in the candidate’s PNCA transcript.

Program applications are accepted year-round. We recommend that applicants submit their materials six weeks prior to the start of a term to allow for the timely review of the application. The online application is free and we prefer that all materials be submitted by email.


Certificate in Fine Art Application


Six Key Learning Outcomes

Following the completion of our certificate in fine art, you should be able to:

  • Depict confidently three-dimensional objects on two-dimensional surface using line, shape, proportion, perspective, value, color, mass, volume and composition
  • Describe accurately the primary structural elements and relationships in human anatomy and represent these effectively when drawing from life
  • Create drawings that emphasize expressive qualities in drawing and mark-making and reflect the development of a personal style.
  • Apply and combine standard and alternative drawing materials effectively.
  • Identify and describe key artists and concepts in drawing, painting and printmaking from pre-modern, modern and contemporary periods.
  • Present and critique artworks and portfolios with constructive attention to individual practice and goals as well as with reference to relevant historical and contemporary models of pictorial representation


QUESTIONS? Send an email to ce@pnca.edu. A response will be sent within one business day!