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summer camps for artists aged 4 to 12


smARTworks is an engaging art experience that helps young artists increase their understanding of what art can be. smARTworks is organized around Reggio Emilia's idea of using investigative inquiry & play to teach students learn key concepts & artistic principles. The goal of each session is to inspire collaboration & the cultivation of an individual's unique gifts.  

smARTworks is organized into four age groups so each class has students of a similar in age, as well as a similar artistic & social development. Our age groups: 4 to 6; 7 to 9; and 10 to 12. Each session is staffed by one instructor & teaching assistant. Usually another adult joins to assist (one that has passed a background check). smARTworks classes are capped at 18 participants so students have individual attention while they are at PNCA. Additionally, staff provides supervised care between the hours of 8:30–9am and 4:00-4:30 pm free of charge. During camp hours several staff members are on site to ensure the safety and security of all students on campus. 

smARTworks from PNCA Continuing Education on Vimeo.

From paper and paints to clay and kilns, our students have access to the high quality art materials and facilities PNCA has to offer, no additional shopping necessary for you. Tuition also includes: a smARTworks t-shirt, fresh organic snacks from local growers, and some before and after care for attendees. If attending full day camp, students must bring their own sack lunch. 

“My child said, ‘PNCA camp let me get all my thoughts out’ and ‘I have art in my brain now. I see blue, green and orange in everything’.” – smARTworks Parent, 2015



  • Week 1 Art & Inventions // June 19 – June 23: artists will learn about the creative people whose inventions have driven the most powerful innovations in human history. Taking a cue from da Vinci, students will use their imaginations to create inventions that will connect what they imagine to the solutions needed in the world at large.

  • Week 2 Art & Me / / June 26 - June 30: millennials were not the first generation obsessed with selfies! Artists through the ages have meticulously crafted self-portraits and been otherwise enslaved by their passion for portraiture. In week 2 of smARTworks, artists will use the same tools and concepts used through the ages have used to capture characters. Quirkiness encouraged!

  • Week 3 Art & Place // July 10 – July 14: museums would be empty without images of landscapes and cityscapes. Artists learn basic composition, perception, and representational skills trying to visually recreate their place in the world. Artists will follow in the steps of those who dedicated their lives to exploring the same during Week 3 of smARTworks! 

  • Week 4: Art & Ideas // July 17 - July 21: an artist’s gaze considers everything. One of the true challenges to an artist’s skill is capturing ideas in a way that others understand and find compelling. During Week 4 of smARTworks, young artists will use all their observational skills, ideas, and technical ability to transform their ideas into visual images. 

  • Week 5: Art & Community // July 24 - July 28: Community can seem like an abstract concept. Art can help us uncover the truth of what we think and feel. Unlike philosophy or science, we don’t have to rely only use words to share what we mean! Throughout Week 5 of smARTworks, your artist will explore a variety of broad ideas about community and practice their abilities to respect others as they share their own equally unique thoughts and feelings. 



  • Ages 4 to 6: $180 per week. Class meets from 9:30 to 12:00pm. 
  • Ages 7 to 12: $360 per week. Class meets from 9:00 to 4:00 pm.  

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