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PNCA supports creativity in the community through Continuing Education weekend classes, summer intensives, and workshops. Our youth program offers small group instruction to artists aged from 4 to 18. Classes meet on Saturdays during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. During the summer we host intensive summer camps called smARTworks & design.labs, as well as programming for young artists exploring their interest in heading to art college

Our goal is to develop students into knowledgeable, practicing visual artists with the ability to contribute to the ongoing dialogue in art & the shaping of our culture. To reach this goal, our team designs learning environments that are safe spaces where all students feel respected & that their ideas and art are valued. We believe that when a person feels safe & respected greater learning and experimentation can take place in the classroom. This freedom inspires everyone to grow!

In our classrooms we encourage the creative skills of pretending, imaginative thinking, and inventiveness during the art making process. These skills help children deal with the world in which they live and process the things that they see everyday. Additionally, we emphasize skills associated with problem solving, getting along with others, and looking at the world through alternative points of view. 


Our Youth Program Staff

Youth Program Staff go through a competitive vetting process, and typically less then 8 applicants in 50 are offered positions with the Youth and Pre-College Program at PNCA each year. Staff members with PNCA’s Youth Program support such positions as Program Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Documentation Specialists and Materials Managers. These staff members work as a team to support both the curricular goals of the program, and to engage students and community in Youth Program activities.

Many of the staff members chosen to work with our Program are also current PNCA students or recent alumni of the College.

The Youth and Pre-College Program take seriously the act of providing meaningful and engaging experiences to young students in our charge, while also allowing College students at PNCA to gain professional practice and a clear understanding of the application of their degree in a real-world setting.




  • Fall 2017 : Monday Sept 12, 2017
  • Spring 2017 : Monday Jan 9, 2018
  • Summer Programs : Thursday June 1, 2017

Applicant families must meet free/reduced lunch eligibility criteria. Please provide documentation of such eligibility to ce@pnca.edu or by mail. 

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PNCAs Youth program of art classes for children was founded in 1910. The philosophy of Anna Belle Crocker, the founder of the program, puts art at the center of an enriched life. The curriculum of the program addresses the continued developmental stages of children and teens. The faculty are practicing fine artists committed to providing a program of excellence in a nurturing, supportive and enriched environment. Pacific Northwest college of Art thanks the following for their support of the college’s Youth Art Programs: Jackson Foundation, Juan Young Trust, Anne A. Berni Foundation, Herbert A. Templeton Foundation, and the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation.

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