CE Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a PNCA student to enroll in a CE class?

No, CE classes are open to the public for registration and can be done at cereg.pnca.edu. Adult classes are open for people 18 and older. Youth courses are divided into age groups, based on stages of creative and general child development.

Do I need to prove that I have prerequisite skills for a class?
CE classes do not require proof of skill achievement. The prerequisites are self managed by students and reflect the level of learning the class will be taught. If you have questions about a class and where your skill level fits, please contact the CE office.

Can I use the computer lab on campus to do my classwork?
All of the software that is used in our classes is accessible for enrolled students. Computers are available in the library and the computer lab that adjoins the library. Your instructor will give you the computer login information on the first day of class.

Do I need to bring a laptop for a computer based class?
Unless otherwise noted in the course description software classes are taught in our computer labs. Students use Apple iMacs. Creative Suite 6 is used if taking an Adobe class.

Is there financial aid available for CE classes?
There is no financial assistance for Adult classes. To learn more about our Youth Scholarship program please visit the youth program page.

How do I withdraw from a class?
To withdraw from your class please get in touch with Cassandra in the Registrar's Office. She can be reached at 503.821.8903 or ce_support@pnca.edu. Refunds will be given based on our Refund Policy which can be found in our catalog and on our website.

Are Community Education credits transferable to other institutions?
No, CE courses are non-credit class. The exception is our few offerings that can be taken for academic credit where the student pays the per credit fee ($1,227 plus department fee) and are assigned a letter grade for the class.

Can I take the class with Certificate fee?
This can only be done if you are accepted into the Certificate Program.

Can I get a letter of course completion?
Yes, please let your instructor know that you are planning on getting a letter of completion at the start of the class. Once the class has ended please contact the registration office (cchang@pnca.edu) to request the letter.

Does PNCA offer discounted software and supplies?
CE students are generally eligible for student discounts at outside vendors, including Blick Art Materials. PNCA does not have its own store on campus or its own software purchasing program. While students have been successful in buying software with proof of purchase of a CE class, it is up to the individual vendors to honor this.

Do I have library access as a CE student?
Current students are welcome to check items out of the Library with their current Student ID cards. The library staff is very nice and very helpful so if you have any questions about how to check materials out they can help you. You must bring your current Student ID and a photo ID with you to open a library account.

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